Branding important aspect of any business

Branding is one of the most important aspect for any business. Your brand surrounds by every interaction point with its audience. It is much more bigger than your website and marketing campaigns.

At Ingenious Branders, we have a well organized process to help our partners. We’ve listed down essential steps which we follow in our branding projects.


Branding projects starts with a kick-off meeting to understand the partner goals, strategic needs and efforts, targeted audience, success metrics. Once the meeting is conducted, the baseline evaluation takes place which includes analysis of brand experience, benefit offered by organization, brand story, internal values, mission, vision and the audience. Here we identify challenges and brainstorm creative ways to make the brand stand out from the crowd.


Once the brand discovery is done we define the rationale and foundation of the brand experience. Here we focus a lot on brand consistency and flexibility to define a strong strategy which leads towards growth.


The next step is concepting which sets the bridge between the design and strategy. The information gained from discovery and strategy phase is important and different concepts are brainstormed. The brand values grow and the challenges are addressed. The concept offers the direction for the future creative discussions.


With concepting the long list can be prepared and then the rough designs are developed. The process is iterative and it takes several weeks to complete and reach on the working conceptual design. The phase leads to visuals identity including the mark, logotype, palettes and typography. Once the visual identity is clear, the brand experience is been expanded. Here the focus is on verbal brand identity and bringing life to brand with help of motions, illustrations, photography, etc.It is not over yet, we work on brand guidelines which tells everyone how to communicate your brand. This helps designers, marketers, developers and managers to stay on the same page and present the brand to public.To create an impactful and solid brand takes time and a good process.