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How a design team can take control of both UI design and Web development?

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We switched our website from wordpress to webflow to cut developers entirely out of the process for re-designing and updating our website.

It is an all-in-one web design tool that allows users to design websites in a visual manner, without writing a single line of code. Among all the other tools, why Webflow? Read on to find out.

Simplifying the process

Webflow’s format allows designers to put in elements, symbols and content in a drag-and-drop style allowing you to view the visual mock-up as you create it. Designers can work at a faster pace with precise effort, publishing updates and changes rapidly. Feedback from the clients and stakeholders can be implemented quickly and it automatically creates backups of the website which you can restore with a click.

Greater design autonomy

Webflow gives designers the opportunity to immediately see how various elements interact and preview for various devices. Not only does it save the extra effort but it also helps refine the design thinking. When you can see how your design is going to be perceived at the front-end, the direction of your design thought process can be channeled better. You can launch your website knowing fully well that it is exactly the way it was envisioned – a designer’s dream.

Cutting the extras

Webflow helped to cut out all of the extras. With Webflow CMS, designers don’t need to dabble with plugins, PHP or databases and can directly focus on defining the dynamic content. It removes the need for regularly updating plugins or adding more when you want to add more elements. Webflow also provides extremely fast serverless hosting, cutting out the need to go through all sorts of third-party hosting companies. Everything is provided in one place, no frills, no mess and most importantly, easy to use.

With convenience and ease of creation becoming a priority, tools such as Webflow are becoming increasingly important. But every platform has its own hurdles and you need to pick the best suitable tool for your business. Webflow worked really great for our portfolio website and we can help you too selecting the best technology for your marketing website.

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