How UX writing can help building great products

The primary aim of UX writing is to help users achieve their goals within a digital product throughout a process and improves their interactions with it. Guiding the user and helping them complete their desired actions, the content strategy builds loyalty and trust. In this article, I’ll provide some tips on effective UX writing.

Role of UX writer to build a great product

The UX writers help enhance good user experience with their words. Right from the drop-down menu to an error page, the words selected by the UX writer make a difference between the confusion, frustration, and understanding.

User-centric approach

The UX writing is all about creating a positive experience to enhance the usability of a product which engages the buyers and increases your brand’s positive aspects. You don’t have to be a wordsmith to put the UX writing into actions, but it should be simple and to the point.

UX writing to improve the usability

The attention of the visitors gets shorter, and so does your time to engage them. In this short time of opportunity, your product needs to guide the users forward by speaking to them clearly and practically. In this way, UX writing can answer the user’s question, prevent errors, displace concerns by clearly describing your products.

Follow ‘KISS’ rule

The acronym KISS stands for keeping it short and straightforward. All you need is to keep the writing, quick and honest in this chaotic, noisy, and distracting world of the Internet. Your copy must need to be easy to read and understand to be successful. Follow the clear, concise, and practical way for writing copies.

Anticipate and answer

With the flow of your product, your users will subconsciously ask the interface to figure out what to do. It is your job to work on questions like what is that? Where can I find this? How to use this? and others. Not every user’s problems will be self-evident, so to ensure that your product is responding appropriately to the users, look to the user testing to uncover the points of user uncertainty that are resolvable with the words.

UX writing to motivate action

The key to a successful design is to reduce the time of the users to find what they want. If the user is unable to see what they want, they will not care about the product. Words are the most successful way to visualize your product’s value.

Talk about the value

Your product needs to point out what the user will receive by using it, but what problems it will go to solve and how it will better their lives. Time is the essence, and you have to focus on what the user will gain, not on what they need to do. To make your value even more engaging, write in the present tense with an active voice to grab the attention of your users. Try to front-load your sentence with the most crucial point.

Talk to amuse and excite

Entertaining means to create something humorous for the audience. Your copy can lift the mood of your users. As a consequence, they will like to appreciate the interface more and are more likely to cooperate and accept the user interface suggestions. So make your words whimsical whenever it is appropriate to motivate your user to take action. Tumblr’s, MailChimp are some of the good examples that you can choose for entertaining copies that transform into works.

UX writing to express your brand

Trends, conventions, and best practices are a few things that are difficult to achieve in this digital space. You must need to follow these three principles to ensure that your digital experience in intuitive, secure, and up to date. You can create a personality by carefully crafting the sound of your product. And the products with personality are the ones that leave a positive image on the minds of users by standing out from competitors.

Find your brand’s voice

The personality is an individual’s pattern of thoughts, ideas, behavior, and values. This makes your users predictable about your products. And humans trust predictability as we know what to expect. If we meet someone whose personality is a mess, we were not likely to trust them. This makes it vital for your products to define its voice and then stick to it. Otherwise, your users will not be able to believe it. Set up your brand’s principles and describe your brand and how you want people to perceive them.


Building a great UX is not only about design. It is about everything that contributes to positive user experience, including words. UX writing is essential to how your users experience your products, and it is a simple thing to get right.