What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that uses the sensibility to find unmet needs and opportunities in order to create new solutions for business success. It is a tool to imagine future states and to bring products, services, and experiences, to market. The five steps in design thinking are empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.


Empathizing involves interviewing stakeholders and asking open-ended questions. The goal is to learn more about the problem from multiple perspectives. It mainly highlights significance of gathering the requirements and needs of the customer’s related to a certain problem.


Here all the insight are collected and combined while listening and observing people. We start to synthesize and face the challenge ahead of us. That means we start to define a problem. It is the aspect which is proved to be vital in the design thinking process so that we get number of solutions and also explore opportunities. Start framing problem so that more avenues and solutions open up.


As the problem is clearly framed, we can search for methods to handle it. Brainstorm sessions are typically used to stimulate free thinking and to expand the problem space. It is important to get as many ideas as possible at the beginning of the Ideation phase. This definitely helps to shortlist the best and leave the rest.


This is the phase where all the insights and ideas come to life. Prototyping brings the solution into vision. The core objective of prototyping is to bring out the rough draft of the solution. Later a prototype can later transform into a beta product or a minimal viable product (MVP).


In this stage, the prototype is tested with customers to monitor their response and check whether the solution is satisfactory or not. It do not ends here, based on the feedbacks the process is repeated to enhance the product or service.At Ingenious Branders, we practice design thinking for practical, creative resolution of problems with the intent of an improved future result.