iKreawi : Enhancing the Onboarding Experience for a Health Practitioner Learning Mobile App

Webdesign for a US-based Tax Filing Application. Our goal was to create a new marketing website showcasing the features of the Tax Filing Application.

The Challenege

Our main challenge was to design a user experience that easily demonstrates all the app's features, helping to increase customer acquisition.

Our Strategy And Execution

Design Audit

Our first step was a comprehensive design audit. We assessed the existing onboarding flow, identified pain points, and noted areas that lacked clarity or engagement. This audit helped us understand the user journey and pinpoint where improvements were needed.

Below is the excel sheet in which you can view a detail study of the existing design(Problems and Proposed Solutions).

UX Design

Based on the audit findings, we redesigned the user experience to make it more intuitive and engaging.

Design Approach:
  • Simplified Navigation: We streamlined the onboarding steps to ensure new users could easily follow along without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Consistent Style: We used a cohesive visual style that aligned with the app's overall branding, creating a unified and professional look.
  • Educational Graphics: Illustrations were used to explain complex features, making them more accessible and easier to understand.

The use of illustrations not only made the onboarding process more visually appealing but also helped in better retention and understanding of the app’s features.

Let's create something beautiful and unique that captivates your audience.